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Work smarter, together

Parish life can be hectic, but many hands make light work. With Pastoral Parish, all of your Sacramental Preparation and Pastoral Care data is stored in one place. On your computer or phone you can access the web app to see details from what forms a particular couple is missing in their marriage prep, to who is making the next pastoral care visit.

On top of that, from your Pastoral Care team to your RCIA teachers, you can provide the right access to the various people on your Parish Team, so that they can update and track the data relevant to their ministry in real-time. This means that everything stored on Pastoral Parish is always up-to-date, and you can spend less time tracking down information and paperwork, and more time building relationships with your parishioners.

Designed for the Day-to-day

Pastoral Parish wasn’t created by a programmer in a cubicle, it was created by a priest specifically to meet the day-to-day needs of his parish staff. Every feature of the web app is intentionally designed to improve parish workflow and provide the most helpful features that lead to a thriving parish.

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Users and Permissions (Team Plan only)

Invite unlimited team members and control what they can access.

Easily Searchable

All records are clearly visible and easily searchable so you can see what information is present, and what information is missing.
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Progress Bars

Quickly see how far along individuals or couples are in their Sacramental preparation. Is the progress bar red? They may be falling behind or missing important information. Is it green? Then they are on track!
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Save time by sending a link directly to the Parishioners preparing for a Sacrament so that they can input their personal information, select any available liturgical preferences relevant to their Sacrament, and check to make sure their information is correct.

Automated Reports

From pastoral care updates to upcoming anniversaries, daily reports can be automatically created and emailed to you keeping you up-to-date on everything going on in the parish.

Simple Import System (Team Plan only)

Whether you use PDS or ParishSoft, import your parishioners into Pastoral Parish in about 10 minutes using our user-friendly import system.
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Custom Tasks

Not every parish is the same. Custom Tasks lets the parish create their own workflows for people preparing for sacraments.

Custom Follow-Ups

Never worry about forgetting to follow-up with someone on a birthday, anniversary, or following a Sacrament. Use a Custom Follow-Up to send personal, automated messages to your parishioners.

Print Lists

With just a few clicks you can print a list of all the parishioners who are homebound, in a particular group, or in preparation for a particular Sacrament.
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