Thank You

Thanks for allowing us to be part of your parish! Look for an email shortly with the link to create your account. God Bless!

Our mission is to help you bring Jesus to more people through excellent sacramental preparation and pastoral care.  Pastoral Parish is designed to help you accompany all of your parishioners in sacramental life, not just registered members of your parish.  We have worked hard to give you the ability to keep track of the details that most often fall through the cracks and create the biggest headaches. 

We believe strongly in reducing the time wasted on chasing down missing or misplaced items in sacaramental preparation so you can spend more time focused on the formation of those receiving the sacraments.  We also fimly believe in giving you peace of mind knowing those in need of pastoral care are not being neglected.  We believe that if we can help you regain time lost, the space created will give you the ability to live a healthier spiritual and physical life, living fully alive in the sacraments.