Care for Every Person 

Making Pastoral Care Simple


See your people

With the Pastoral Care Dashboard you have an immediate, clear view of all of your parishioners in hospitals and care homes. Listed by name, you can see where each parishioner is receiving care, who has requested a visit, any recent status changes, and how recently sacraments have been administered.

Full Profiles

For each person you have in Pastoral Care, Pastoral Parish provides a full profile for that person that includes all of their personal information, details about previous visits, and any important notes that have been made by the person ministering to them.

Easy Tracking

At the push of a button, after each visit you can mark down the date of the visit, who it was that made the visit, what Sacraments were administered, and make any notes for the next visit. This information is all updated in real-time so all the information is up-to-date.

Simple Directions

Trying to figure out where your next visit is can lead to a lot of frustration. For that reason, not only does Pastoral Parish let you know where your parishioners are receiving care, it provides directions directly to their location.

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Accessible Information

All of this information for every person in Pastoral Care stored in the app. No more having to dig through spreadsheets and files, trying to keep track of all the information. Just one app easily accessible for your whole Pastoral Care Team.
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Automatic Reminders

No more stressing about whether or not you remembered to make a visit, no more confusion about who’s visiting who and when, no more wearing yourself out rushing to make a forgotten appointment. With Pastoral Parish, you can receive automatic reminders about all of your Pastoral Care visits so you never miss an appointment.

The Right Kind of Tired

Pastoral Care can easily become one of the most tiring and frustrating parts of parish life. Just trying to keep track of all the information, much less keeping it up to date can be overwhelming. Pastoral Parish takes care of that to free you to simply focus on ministry, so that at the end of the day, you can be the right kind of tired that comes from being fully present to your people.

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