Memento Mori


Grieve with those who grieve


Be Present

Pastoral Parish exists so that instead of focusing on paperwork, you can focus on your people. Instead of having to spend time asking questions about logistics and information, you can simply be present to your people and minister to those in need.

Respectful Planning

Planning funerals can often be a delicate tightrope of needing to obtain information and plan the service quickly, while respecting families in times of grief. With Pastoral Parish, you can send a link to the family member(s) planning the funeral and they can input everything from their personal information, to the number of people attending, to their liturgical preferences.

Intentional Preparation

When it comes to funeral planning, we’ve streamlined the process so that it can be done within a day and a half, or even planned months or years ahead of time. Parishioners who are planning for their end-of-life care can plan their funeral months or years ahead so that there is no confusion or surprises when the time comes.

Automatic Follow-Ups

Remembering to follow up with families after a loved one has passed away can be a challenge. With Pastoral Parish, you can automatically send customized emails to families at intervals of your choosing.
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Customizable Workflow

Does your parish have different or additional requirements for funeral planning? Pastoral Parish is customizable to whatever your workflow is so that no matter what your process is, it’s as simple and stress-free as possible.
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Every Soul Cared For

When planned and celebrated well, funerals can be a beautiful time of hope and encounter with Christ. We created Pastoral Parish to ease the burden of planning so that you and your team are able to be totally present to your people, and care for every soul in your parish from baptism through death.

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